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Anthony Watts' Watts Up With That? blog is hosted by Wordpress, a blog host that works best for bloggers who post a few articles each week. Anthony and his crew post several articles per day, and trying to hunt down old articles is a bit frustrating. There is a search mechanism, but that seems limited to keywords in the original article. You can also look at a day's posts, but that's an inefficient way to browse through old articles.

WUWT Navigation Bars

Every so often, please take a break from reading the recent posts and comments to check the two navigation bars.

The top bar (with labels from "Home" to "WUWT stuff" goes to permanent posts that are updated frequently, sometimes automatically, sometimes manually. The most important label is "Resource Pages". When you hover the cursor over it, a submenu appears listing the the various domains WUWT covers. The most popular of these is the Sea Ice Reference Page. Many readers like to follow the progression of Arctic sea ice extent each summer because of the frequent handwringing from Al Gore and the NSIDC about how soon we'll have an ice free Arctic. Given that we've only had good data for this since polar satellites started returning images of ice cover, no one can make authoritative predictions for the current season, let alone the next.

The right side nav bar is a potpourri of information and links to internal and external sites. The search box searches the content WUWT posts but not the comments. It's a good way to hunt down some post on a subject you remember reading about. Some images are links to internal reference pages, some of those, like the ENSO meter, are kept current so are doubly useful. Anthony's lists of other blogs and writings is unique in some go to blogs that are major detractors of WUWT, most of which disparage WUWT but don't link to it.

Everything else is pretty much self explanatory. It changes frequently enough so a periodic check is worthwhile to see what's new and what you've forgotten about.

WUWT Tables of Contents

Two series of ToCs are available:

Monthly - This is good to check if you know approximately when something happened and want to look for relevant posts. Even better, this is a good way to see what else was happening then.

Categories - This is good to check if you are interested in particular topics. Even better, if you are looking for topics to be interested in, check out the list.

You can also use the right side nav bar to find the same information displayed as WordPress see fit. This includes some text at the beginning of each post. My pages only have the date, title, number of comments, and everything is in a single web page. They both have their merits.

The list below has the posts for the last two weeks and are a good way to see which posts have active discussions.

WUWT Classics

Here are some posts that deserve to used as reference works, not just as comment-du-jour. The real reference is usually elsewhere, but a lot of us heard it first here.

Guest poster Willis Eschenbach always comes up with fascinating posts. Even his autobiographical posts are remarkable. He's collected An Index to Willis's Writings up to May 2011 and deserves this special entry here.

Titles and Links for the Last Two Weeks

Information here (and in the monthly and category pages) is collected soon after midnight Pacific time (which is WUWT time, at least as far as dates go). The "Recent" column is the number of comments made yesterday and may be most useful for finding older posts that are still active for some reason. Sometimes those reasons are an interesting exchange of information and collaboration. Sometimes it's just two pig-headed bores who don't know when to stop. Sometimes you can't tell the difference!

Daily summary Total WUWT
views to date
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 21398,052,859
Meatless Diet? 3333
China Criticises Australia for Not Doing Enough about Climate Change 8282
Corn Belt Update Mid-August 2019 2424
Walmart suing Tesla 8888
Explaining Wind Turbine Lethality 140140
You Might Be a Scientist… 149149
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 20397,929,522
Invasion of the lifestyle snatchers 16636
Offshore Oil and Gas Production Leaks Virtually No Methane 7565
Disconnect the National Grid: Bold Coal State Plan to Ditch the Green Energy Moochers 8834
BlueScope invests $1 billion in the US amid concerns of Australian energy prices 8026
Paying Much More For Much Less 17125
Blacklist by Nature follows defamation by BioScience: journals reject ethics of science 849
NASA and SpaceX: Dragon Crew Extraction Rehearsal 381
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 19397,802,422
New study offers roadmap for detecting changes in the ocean due to climate change 765
Katharine Hayhoe Attacks Greta Thunberg’s Climate “Shaming” Crusade 1123
See how climate science becomes alarmist propaganda 926
Democratic states challenging the Trump Administration’s redo of the Obama CO2 emissions regulations should be careful what they sue for. 614
Renewable energy is a blackout risk, warns National Grid after chaos during biggest outage in a decade 1312
Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup # 372 195
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 18397,678,265
Claim: Staying Positive After A Weather Disaster Impedes Climate Action 912
How fast is the world warming? Is it burning? 26515
“Hidden ‘Jurassic World’ Buried Underneath Australia” 421
Hubble’s Portrait of Star’s Gaseous Glow 292
Inside The Sausage Factory 1010
Doh! Climate Messiah Greta Thunberg’s Plastic Boat Trip Will Require Four Transatlantic Flights 2402
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 17397,551,359
The Nature Communications hate list – a fast-moving story 19713
Beef Tax Ahead? UK Government Announces a Major Climate Change Review of British Food Production 1380
Elon Musk Wants to Nuke Mars to Trigger Global Warming 1671
Breaking up is haaarrdd to do oo 740
From The B-School: A Plan To Win The Millennials’ War On Carbon 1260
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 16397,410,069
Nature Communications ‘blinks’ over slimy climate blacklist from @UCmerced authors 1120
Fraud, breach of right of privacy and libel by Nature Communications @NatureComms 2291
July 2019 – Hottest July Ever? 2366
Electric car charging stations may be portals for power grid cyberattacks 391
Surprise! The Great Barrier Reef is Not Dying from Global Warming 1500
Ice sheets impact core elements of the Earth’s carbon cycle 560
Climate Crusader Tom Steyer “Money Bombs” His Way into the Democrat Presidential Debates 1020
NYT: Lawns are Symbols of Racism and Bad for Global Warming 1230
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 15397,296,532
Visibility and Invisibility 1370
Enlisting peer-reviewed science in the climate crusade 1030
Offshore Wind Tripped Up by the Trump Administration 1040
Kangaroos enjoy rare snow in Australia 840
Gore Says His Global Warming Predictions Have Come True? Can He Prove It? 1150
Moon Rock Mineralogy: Yes, the Apollo missions were real, QEDirt 1532
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 14397,171,029
The latest travesty in ‘consensus enforcement’ 1760
A Science Journalist Nails the Anthropocene 580
Icebergs delay Southern Hemisphere future warming 1000
Media and USGS biologist sensationalize recent report of a polar bear encounter in Alaska 670
Delingpole: Boris Johnson’s Looming Wind Disaster 1540
A Green And Pleasant Land 1130
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 13397,042,111
California has no land in drought conditions and all reservoirs are above historic average levels 1010
Penn State Professor Demands More Control Over Agriculture Because Climate Change 1130
Goldsmiths College, University of London Bans Cafeteria Beef to Stop Climate Change 830
USA finally updates Endangered Species Act after 45 years & the decision is final 920
L. A. Times hypes coastal cliff erosion 9+ centuries into the future at existing sea level rise rates 680
Enforce rules against false and misleading organic claims 1210
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 12396,927,704
Greenland’s ‘Record Temperature’ denied – the data was wrong 1110
Is Global Warming an Existential Threat? Probably Not, But Still a Serious Issue. 1910
Monday Mirthiness: job posting ‘CLIMATE EMERGENCY OFFICER’ 910
My video presentation at ICCC#13 170
Green Growth vs No Growth: Why we need a Golgafrinchan Ark B 470
Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #371 30
Oil is doomed by another fake energy acronym: EROCI 1880
American Psychological Association: Climate Skeptics Can be Convinced to Believe in Science 2170
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 11396,810,078
Modern Transportation – A Miracle under Attack By Climate Zealots 1120
Patient Scientists Elucidate Origin of Eukaryotes 1990
SA blackout blows wind farms into court 870
Farm unions accuses media of “inflating” IPCC report 1020
Warm And Glowing: Team Of Scientists Creates ‘Atomik’ Chernobyl Vodka 870
Climate Change and Land: discussion thread 680
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 10396,709,220
Poop less for a cleaner planet, says Brazil’s president 1430
NOT a Game Changer 700
#ExxonKnew Epic Fail: Oil Companies DID NOT build “their rigs to account for sea-level rise” 1040
Democratic Party wrongheaded climate alarmism – time to revisit “The stupid party” 850
A Crashed Israeli Lunar Lander Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon 730
Australian Government Sues Wind Farm Operators Over the 2016 South Australian Blackout 1010
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 9396,606,496
Transport chaos across England and Wales after major power cuts 1810
IPCC Declares a Global Warming Land Use Emergency, But Admits the World is Greening 1510
Trouble On ‘Lonnies Mountain’ 540
Apocalyptic Sea-Level Rise—Just a Thing of the Past? 1120
Michael Moore-backed Doc, ‘Planet of the Humans,’ Tackles ‘False Promises’ of Green Energy 2230
More unsettled science-previously unseen ancestors of elliptical galaxies 1031
WUWT index page for 2019 Aug 8396,500,484
Persistent plume 430
Germany Considers a 19% Meat Tax to Combat Global Warming 1940
Ten Causes of Warming: The Layperson’s Checklist 1750
Guardian: The Deep South has Pervasive Climate Deniers and Environmental Racists 1810
How NASA Will Protect Astronauts From Space Radiation at the Moon 1044
How much energy storage costs must fall to reach renewable energy’s full potential 1220

Formatting in comments

N.B. The following was written for the old WordPress system, however, WUWT is really running now on Pressable, a similar but different system. Much of the following is out of date, it's also mostly superceded by https://wattsupwiththat.com/test-2/ which is equally out-of-date.

I hope to be working on them soon.

Neither WUWT nor WordPress provide much documentation for the HTML formatting permitted in comments. There are only a few commands that are useful, and a few more that are pretty much useless.

A typical HTML formatting command has start and end pieces and has general form of <name>text to be formatted</name>. A common mistake is to forget the ending. Until WordPress gets a preview function, we have to live with it.

N.B. WordPress handles some formatting very differently than web browsers do. A post of mine shows these and less useful commands in action at WUWT.

b (bold) This is <b>bold</b> text This is bold text Command strong does the same
i (italics) This is <i>italicized</i> text This is italicized text Command em (emphasize) does the same
a (anchor) See <a href=http://wermenh.com>My home page</a> See My home page A URL by itself (with a space on either side) is often adequate in WordPress, e.g. See http://wermenh.com
blockquote (indent text) My text
<blockquote>quoted text</blockquote>
More of my text
My text
quoted text
More of my text
Quoted text can be many paragraphs long. WordPress italicizes quoted text (and the <i> command enters normal text).
strike This is <strike>text with strike</strike> This is text with strike  
pre ("preformatted" - use for monospace display) <pre>These lines are bracketed<br>with &lt;pre> and &lt;/pre>
These lines are bracketed
with <pre> and </pre>
Preformatted text, generally done right. Use it when you have a table or something else that will look best in monospace. Each space is displayed, something that <code> (next) doesn't do.
code (use for monospace display) <code>Wordpress handles this very differently</code> Wordpress handles this very differently See http://wattsupwiththat.com/resources/#comment-65319 to see what this really does.
iframe <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/yaBNjTtCxd4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Useful for including Youtube videos, see below.

The following commands appear to work only in replies to comments or in block quotes. There seems to be no explanation of why or how WordPress does this. I assume it's a bug, I assume they meant to prevent these commands from passing through at all. It may be that they let almost anything else through too. Oh my, these only work for me if I'm logged into my WordPress account (they don't work if I use my FaceBook account). It may be they work only because I have the ability to post new articles.

Bottom line: don't expect the following to work....

u (underline) This is <u>underlined</u> text This is underlined text Why, WordPress, why?
hr (horizontal rule) <hr>This has hr commands before and after the text<hr>
This has hr commands before and after the text
There's no ending command. You're expected to use <hr /> commands.
h1 <h1>Header size 1</h1>

Header size 1

These are used for section headers in long web pages, so may not be all that useful or welcome on WUWT. On my browser they display large blue sans-serif text.
h2 <h2>Header size 2</h2>

Header size 2

h3 <h3>Header size 3</h3>

Header size 3

h4 <h4>Header size 4</h4>

Header size 4

Levels 4, 5, and 6 all seem to do the same thing. They display small black text, subsequent text is normal size and hence bigger. In a reply, the header is in a serif font, in a block quote, it's a sans serif font like the rest of the quote.
h5 <h5>Header size 5</h5>
Header size 5
h6 <h6>Header size 6</h6>
Header size 6

Youtube videos

Using the URL for a YouTube video creates a link like any other URL. However, YouTube accepts the HTML for "embedded" videos. From the YouTube page after the video finishes, click on the "embed" button and it will suggest HTML like:
<iframe width="560" height="315"
        frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

You can change the size of the frame to display by selecting one in the "Video size" menu below, I suggest not copying the width and height attributes, WordPress should choose a large size.

Copy and paste the HTML into your comment and it WordPress will generate something like:

Special characters in comments

Those of us who remember acceptance of ASCII-68 (a specification released in 1968) are often not clever enough to figure out all the nuances of today's international character sets. Besides, most keyboards lack the keys for those characters, and that's the real problem. Even if you use a non-ASCII but useful character like ° (as in 23°C) some optical character recognition software or cut and paste operation is likely to change it to 23oC or worse, 230C.

Nevertheless, there are very useful characters that are most reliably entered as HTML character entities:

Type thisTo getNotes
&lt;<Less than sign
Left angle bracket
&deg;°Degree (Use with C and F, but not K (kelvins))

Superscripts (use 8304, 185, 178-179, 8308-8313 for digits 0-9)

Subscripts (use 8320-8329 for digits 0-9)
&pound;£British pound
&ntilde;ñFor La Niña & El Niño
&micro;µMu, micro
&plusmn;±Plus or minus
&ne;Not equals
&nbsp; Like a space, with no special processing (i.e. word wrapping or multiple space discarding)
&gt;>Greater than sign
Right angle bracket
N.B. this is generally not needed

Linking to past comments

Each comment has a URL that links to the start of that comment. This is usually the best way to refer to comment a different post. The URL is "hidden" under the timestamp for that comment. While details vary with operating system and browser, the best way to copy it is to right click on the time stamp near the start of the comment, choose "Copy link location" from the pop-up menu, and paste it into the comment you're writing. You should see something like http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/07/15/central-park-in-ushcnv2-5-october-2012-magically-becomes-cooler-in-july-in-the-dust-bowl-years/#comment-1364445.

The "#<label>" at the end of the URL tells a browser where to start the page view. It reads the page from the Web, searches for the label and starts the page view there. As noted above, Wordpress will create a link for you, you don't need to add an <a> command around it.

Climate Audit Assistant

Another approach to dealing with this is a Firefox add-on that replaces the edit window with a better one that has buttons for formatting text. It's a two piece install, see the web page for details. It coexists okay with the "It's all Text" extension that lets you send the text in a text edit window to your regular editor.

Contact Ric Werme or return to his home page.

Written 2009 Dec 5, last updated 2019 Jun 17.